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Welcome to your Self-Study Course

Genesys University Self-Study Courses provide an ideal way to master many of the core competencies you need to fully operate your Genesys Solution.
Self-Study courses are self-paced modules designed to deliver pre-deployment, just-in-time, post-deployment and reference training for your team. Labs run in a web browser and do not require any special software.

Attend From Anywhere

Self-Study provides online labs, which can be accessed from anywhere you connect to the Internet. Attend from home, the office, or take a few modules on the train during your morning commute.

Immediate Access to Training

You do not need to plan around our public training schedule. With self-study you control when you start, take a break, and if you need more time on a specific topic. All modules may be revisited as many times as necessary to ensure understanding.

Training Materials

Genesys eBooks provide an interactive way to access course content from your tablet or web browser. They incorporate features, such as: embedded videos, demonstrations, and note-taking. eBooks can even be updated as new content becomes available.
To view your ebooks online you can login to MY EBOOKS directly here on the training portal, or download an iPad / Android app from there to view your ebooks offline on your mobile devices.

The IPad/Android app will download in the background. Please review the FAQ to find out how to resolve the 'Untrusted Developer' security warning on iOS.

Virtual Lab Environment

Practice your new-found skills in a safe and contained lab environment that lets you turn theory into action as you access and complete class exercises in real time.
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